Who Is Paul?

My name is Paul Collinson.Bearded Biff

I married Nicole in November of 1993 and have three amazing kids Abbie, James and Sophie…(we also have a legend Border Collie by the name of Neon Van Daele..we usually just call him Neon!).

Paul & Nicole Wedding Day

I am a former accountant/IT consultant/Business owner, who is now a pastor at Extreme Life, a vibrant local church in Warrnambool (Victoria, Australia), that is committed to showing the ridiculous love of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.


Extreme Life works in partnership with New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) lead by my good friend Tyrone Daniel, in a global mission to see local churches planted and established all over the world in order to see people everywhere introduced into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ that brings them into life to the full and the freedom in Christ that is available to all who believe.

I am passionate about: my family, drums, music, cars, motorcycles and most importantly the kingdom of heaven which is at hand.


I am not passionate about know it all critics who want to trash my thoughts and posts…I don’t “web stalk” you or insist on expressing my thoughts on your page/posts/pictures/updates etc, so please don’t do it to me…if you don’t like my blog…be free…free to NOT read it…free to not skulk around the internet “watching” as much of my life as you can and passing judgement on me from your place of superiority…just get on with your life…and I will continue getting on with mine.  I am also not very passionate about mowing my lawns…but it must be done.

One response to “Who Is Paul?

  • Lil Williams

    Hi Paul, I sent you a message over Facebook but wasn’t sure if you’d get it because of paring back your account recently. Also, I really like what I’ve seen of your blog so far! Lil

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