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Today Malcolm Turnbull announced a leadership challenge against our current Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

I guess as Australians, we should be getting used to this political circus, after all,  we’ve seen Kevin Rudd ousted by Julia Gillard, only to be re-ousted by Kevin Rudd.  And behind the scenes, the leadership of parties changing through such barbaric politics whilst out of power is quite normal.  But is it a good thing, that we are no longer seeing Prime Ministers fulfilling a full term in their appointed position after being voted by a public election of the Australian people?  Is it a good thing, when “good politics” can see our country appoint Julia Gillard as Prime Minister twice without once winning a public election? Keep in mind, the last Australian Prime Minister to fulfil their appointed term, was John Howard (who lost a public election to Kevin Rudd back  in 2007).

Abbott V TurnbullThese are the leaders of our country for goodness sake!  This is the example that is being followed by Australians everywhere…and this is a huge problem.  As a nation, we are settling for and allowing selfish, ambitious people with no regard for the greater well being of Australian people, to set examples that will lead to more and more Australian people functioning on a selfish, ambitious level with no regard for those affected by our selfishness.

Tony Abbott’s speech identified that “Entitlement” is now a huge problem in Australian culture.  We have too many people, that feel too entitled to hold positions they have not earned and have not been appointed to, challenging those that have, because they feel like they are entitled to what another has.  This really is a modern, cultural problem that our grandparents and those before them would never have settled for.

Sadly, we often see it in churches too.  If the church structure allows it, we see leaders taken out by disgruntled power players with no regard for the lives or families of those leaders or how they will be affected by this political nonsense.  If the structure doesn’t allow this kind of pathetic behaviour, we see people rally church goers around them, and all leave together to start a new “church“.  And if they can’t rally enough people, they just leave and sledge the church leader they left, attacking their reputation and character in the hope that they will be able to bring the leader down from outside because they could not from inside.

This is sad, and has nothing to do with the life of the One we as Christians claim to follow.  Jesus was selfless not selfish and his only ambition was to do exactly what he saw his Father doing.  If we as Jesus followers, were all consumed with only doing what we saw the Father doing, we would actually be living in one accord and wouldn’t be facing the ridiculous, disruptive disunity that has become all too common in way too many churches.

Maybe it’s time we as Australian’s break free of our “Tall Poppy Syndrome” and stop mocking and attempting to take out those who have the boldness and courage to lead us, and start supporting them, encouraging them and helping them to be the best leaders they can be…but then they do say, that most people have exactly the kind of leadership they deserve!

Whoever our Prime Minister is later tonight, I hope they are given a fair chance to establish a stable government that can actually lead our nation into a time of economic stability, productivity and launch us forwards, heading towards the kind of country we have the potential to really be…because we really do have the potential to be AWESOME!

(Photo courtesy of the ABC’s website)

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