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I find myself sitting here this evening, very aware that two Australians (and six non-Australian others) were shot dead this week as punishment for crimes they committed.  I certainly do not want to discuss the politics of their executions, or whether it was right or wrong that they were executed.  Those are not the kinds of topics I wish to raise here on my blog page (particularly as it doesn’t matter what my views are, they will offend someone and I do not wish to start debates with anyone about such things here).

What I do want to say though, is that the Australian media have reported, that the whole group of men that were executed, faced their executions with the singing of hymns and that even in their last meetings with others in the holding prison, they broke into what was described as “a time of great praise“.  This must have been a significant part of what happened or I’m sure, it would not have been reported by a very un-Christian Australian media.

This made me think…these men faced death, with hearts of thanksgiving towards God…do I face life, with the same sense of gratitude?  They died singing of God’s Amazing Grace…what am I doing with my life?  

Last week I attended a funeral for my Grandma and it was such a privilege to hear some stories from her amazing life.  Stories that left me wondering then…will I have such stories of an amazing life at my funeral?

Life really is precious and an incredible gift.  I intend to make use of this life and to be sure to create some amazing stories that can be told at my own funeral when my time here on Earth comes to an end.  I just hope I can keep this intention clear in my head and heart, and don’t need to be reminded by the passing on of any others too soon.

The Salvation Army (my Grandma was a soldier, as are many of my extended family) have an excellent term that they use for passing away.  They call it being “promoted to glory“.  The Salvation Army flag draped over her coffin was emblazoned with those words, and for her, it sure was a promotion.  She is now free of all the limitations of a 96 year old body and is re-united with her beloved “Bert”.  I live with great hope and expectation of being reunited with them both one day, and I look forward to meeting some of those no longer with us here on Earth because of those executions this last week.

May all of their deaths, inspire my life, and may I live every day with vision, value and purpose…and you too.

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