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Relay for Life

This is just a very quick post to mention that I will be participating in the Cancer Council’s Relay For Life next weekend.

This involves wearing a purple, team jumper (that’s the hard part) and walking laps around a local oval throughout next Friday night.  The point of this exercise (pun intended!) is to raise funds for cancer research and treatment.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 6.19.12 pmI don’t get involved in many fund raisers at all, so why this one?

Well I lost my mate and cousin Mark to cancer some years back and I have to say, I hate cancer.  My mother has recently battled breast cancer, one of my aunties has gone more than her few rounds with cancer, way too many dear friends have fought their battles with cancer. My Grandad lost his battle with cancer while my Grandpa was diagnosed with bowel cancer before passing away from other health issues.  My Grandma has also had to deal with various forms of cancer.  One of my uncles was also diagnosed with and passed away from cancer within six short months and my father is currently fighting this nasty disease too.

Cancer has claimed way too many lives and is putting too many families through massive pressure as they take this disease on. Fortunately now, many win their battles with cancer, but their lives and those of their families and friends, will show the signs of having been through the battle for many years.

Simply, this is something I can do to help…so I do.

If you’d like to support my efforts, please go to:

and click on donate.

Absolutely no pressure…just thought I’d share and give you the opportunity.

I am participating as a member of the team from Extreme Life and would like to thank all those from Extreme Life who also participate.

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