mobile-phoneWe live in a time today, when communication has to be the easiest it has ever been.  And yet, our communication is often not the best it has ever been.  Seriously, we have communication devices in our pockets right now that have more power than the computers used to land a spacecraft on the moon and they are hooked up to a global network of communication towers that can beam our calls, texts and emails around the world in milliseconds.  Our computers and tablets are hooked up to a global network that can share our images, videos, emails and other forms of communication with pretty much anyone almost anywhere in the world.  Yet how much communicating are we involved in?  Do our friends know they are our friends?  Do our families feel connected?

Global communication today is so simple and we have devices at hand all day every day that can actively facilitate this for us, but are we taking advantage of them and using them wisely to stay in real relationship with those in our lives?  Most often at best, we seem to use this technology to maintain the illusion of relationship with those no longer in our lives.  We have chosen to no longer have these people in our lives, but use things like Facebook to ensure we are up to date with their latest information and to pretend our relationship is real.  We can live in isolation as far as any kind of accountability or responsibility goes, but feel like we have an amazing, global network of “friends“.  This involves no real relationship and certainly no facility for anyone to actually speak into our lives in a confrontational manner to assist us in becoming all we can be.  We can hide all our real needs behind our keyboard and portray whatever kind of persona we wish.  No one out there in tech-land has any idea of what is really going on in our lives and cannot connect with us in any kind of real or meaningful way.

We call this community and pretend we have thousands of friends, but there is absolutely no depth or real connectedness.  This is not the kind of community that Jesus taught in the Scriptures and it is not the kind of community we were designed to live in.  Maybe it’s time we picked up our mobile communication device and actually placed a personal call to a real friend or family member and actually had a real conversation…that connects at a heart level…is honest, revealing and real.  Maybe it’s time to stop listening to all the talk online and get involved in some real, personal conversations where we can’t hide behind a keyboard or screen and actually open our hearts with one another…time to get honest and deal with our hurts and offences and actually learn to forgive one another and redevelop some positive relationships with real life people.

It really has become too easy to just ignore a text or email and not even bother to reply.  People take the time to send a text to invite us to join them in some real, personal relationship and because the setting or time doesn’t suit us, we don’t even bother to take a few seconds to reply.  Strangely, these are often the first people to complain that no one bothers to maintain relationship with them too!  It’s too easy to sit in our homes waiting for the world to stop by our little patch of cyberspace and not venture out into the real world to really connect.

We have so much in our hands and readily available to us today…all the tools to succeed are there, ready to be used…maybe we just need to adjust our hearts, to be prepared for real, personal relationships again?  It is risky, we may get hurt, but we will grow and flourish and even have opportunities to connect with some amazing people in life changing ways.  Go on, I dare you…be real with some one today!


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