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Sleeved Washers…

It’s not too often that a new product hits the drummers market that gets me really excited…but today I received one that has got me very excited!

Sleeved Washers are amazing!

If you play drums, you know the frustrations we have previously shared.  Snare drums that detune as you play them because the tension rods are vibrating loose, high toms that detune to lower pitches as you play, floor toms with rattling tension rods as you try to tune them loose enough to get that huge, low pitch rumble we all love from our floor toms.  Well these issues are a thing of the past on all my drum kits and snares now thanks to these new sleeved washers.

The sleeve on the washer, fits down into the hole in the hoop (whether a triple flanged or die cast hoop) and totally isolates the tension rod from the hoop.  There is no metal on metal contact at all.

My snares now stay in tune and have no tension rod rattle, my toms hold their pitch and my floor toms rumble without the rattle.  If you play drums, you need these on your snares and drum kits.  Have a look at their website (the link is above and on my page of things I really like) for further details and information and I hope you find them as awesome as I have.

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