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Great Music Video Clip…

Hey friends,

You have to check this out.  This is a great new video clip from the band Gangs Of Ballet:

These are some great guys making some great music…well worth a look and a listen.

I may even have some stories about a few of these guys up my sleeve, hey Brad!!

A Visit From Mike Hanchett…

At Extreme Life, we recently had the privilege of having a weekend with Mike Hanchett.  Mike is a part of the New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) team and travels the world extensively for most of the year training and equipping thousands in the area of the prophetic.

Mike is a gifted prophet himself, but rather than just being a traveling prophetic sideshow that delivers words everywhere he goes like some kind of prophetic father Christmas, he sees his role as training and equipping all the believers to live prophetic lives and encourages us all to grow in this area and develop a prophetic lifestyle.

We have certainly seen the massive benefits of this ministry approach at Extreme Life and I know of many other churches that can say the same.

While Mike was with us he had a prophetic word for the life of our church.  I am posting those points here so we can all take some personal responsibility for them.  They will not come to pass because Mike said them or even because God did…they will come to pass because we receive them, own them and pray into them with faith and expectancy that God will do His part in them as we do our part.  There are many things in these points that tell us what God will do, but just as many are dependent on us doing our part of the responsibility.  We cannot expect God to deliver His part if we are not willing to contribute to our part…so here they are:

  1. The Glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former house.
  2. This shall be a place where my presence is manifested.
  3. This shall be a place of Honour. From the youngest to the oldest honour will be shown to all.
  4. This will be a place where the priesthood of all believers is not only taught but practiced by all.
  5. This shall be a place of the Glory realm. There will be manifestations of my presence here that will go beyond natural explanation. I will manifest myself here and draw people to me.
  6. People will come here and not know why they are coming but they will feel peace in this place.  When people walk in they will sense there is something different about this place. It will be known for my presence and my peace.
  1. People will speak of you in the city and say “Have you heard what is happening at Extreme Life!”
  2. Not only needy people will come here, but you will begin to see whole people, ready to step into my plan and purpose come here. You will be surprised by who comes but they are coming because I am drawing them. They shall fit in immediately and join hands with you in this work.
  3. The Stigma of the past shall be broken. There is a residue of the past that lingers, that affects your fragrance in the city. The stench shall be gone and you shall be a sweet fragrance in this town.
  4. Words that were spoken shall be broken off you. I reverse declarations that have been made and release the favour of God. You will see my favour! Your people will see my favour! The town shall see my favour on you! I declare favour in every way to be released. Favour, favour, favour and favour with God and with men.
  5. This will be a place of healing. Mighty miracles will be done here. Young people won’t fear stepping up and stepping out. They will rise to the occasion and I see young people coming in the droves. I see the walls bulging and the roof going up and down, pulsating in the presence of God. Will you be prepared to receive this.
  6. There will be a boldness that dares to believe God and God will be God and honour your faith.
  7. The Lord says mend the nets, get ready, a shift has taken place and it’s a new day! It’s a day for my Glory to be revealed.
  8. My creativity is being released over you. Some will see what I am doing. Some will hear what I am saying. It is Me who has given you gifts and talents and it will be you who does the things I put within your hearts. Believe that it is me putting the ideas in your heart and mind and know what I call you to do will not be impossible. For nothing is impossible to your God and I will be working through you.
  9. You have been through a time of testing but the time is now right

Isaiah 42:6-9 and Joel 3:18

As you can see, there are some great promises in there…and with great promise comes great responsibility.  I trust you will join with me in taking responsibility for every one of them, doing the the things we can do and praying into the rest with faith and expectancy that God will do what He has said He will do.

I look forward to the day when we are walking in the fulness of these words!

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