Is The Answer “Yes!”?…

I have just finished reading an amazing book called “The Christian Atheist – believing in God but living as if He doesn’t really exist”.

All I can say is WOW! What a challenge.  The author Craig Groeschel really throws down the challenge of living a life that reflects our belief in God…and yet it is so gracious and personally real.  He shares his own life lessons and mistakes in such an open and honest way that it is truly inspiring.

One of his stories is about a man whose life was radically impacted by the church.  He was reached by a loving community and heard about and accepted the love of Christ and his life situations and circumstances were very deeply affected by his choice.  In response, he approached his pastor saying “The answer is yes…now what is the question?“.  This was a man making himself, his life and his resources radically available because of the radical change in his life (for further details of that story check out the chapter “When You Believe In God, But Not His Church).  This is just one illustration of a believer moving from what the author shares as a “first line” Christian to a “third line” believer (see P233 for a description of this).

The whole book is full of freeing truth and examples and illustrations from the lives of those who have responded rightly and embraced the incredible changes as a result and some who did not.  It is not a “Western culture friendly” read that’s for sure…but if you’re serious about living a life that reflects your Christian beliefs…get it and read it…again and again!

If you’re not a believer and want to know what Christian living is all about, this is also a great read for you.  You will be introduced to many foundational Christian beliefs and have them explained…and in absolute honesty you’ll read about some of the differences when the believers get these things right and when we unfortunately get them wrong.  A read of this may help you understand the nature of God that you desperately want to know but don’t always see in His followers.

Check it out…I dare you!

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