So Good…

It was such a great pleasure to drop in to our building today and find some crew there, responding to the words that have been preached.

A little while ago, we had a few Sundays where upon the mention of the pattern established in the book of Acts where people were “saved and baptised“, we had a number of spontaneous baptisms.  It was so awesome to see so many people totally unprepared for it (no towels and spare clothes etc), just get into our comical, little blow up pool and get baptised.  One family was so impacted by that radical display of obedience that they bought us a tank for future baptisms.  So today, there was a few guys there, building up a framework to install the tank and then completing it beautifully with some lovely wooden decking.  While they were doing that, some one else was up in the foyer (in the scorching heat), sanding and repainting the ceiling since the putrid “art-deco” fluros inside water pipes were removed and downlights installed.

It really is amazing to see people responding to the preaching like this!  To be there on a 37 degree Saturday using their skills and talents to enhance the building and to facilitate the future obedience of those wanting to be “saved and baptised“, is truly inspiring!

Also on the recently completed list is the new curtaining around our stage and the restructuring of our sound desk area since all the media equipment was shifted upstairs.  This made the old media booth redundant, so it was removed and the area reconfigured to what we see now.  Again, a HUGE thanks goes out to all involved in these projects…you are amazing!

I am so glad that our building will never get the opportunity to get stuck in a time phase 20-100 years behind the times as we always have people willing to sow their skills and lives into it’s ongoing development.  It is very much appreciated, THANK YOU!

Just had to add one more picture of the guys enjoying themselves once it was all done…


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