Days Off And A Holiday Project…

Some time ago I was looking for a hobby to help me keep my mind off work and on something constructive on my weekly day off.

Being a very keen drummer, it seemed only natural to find something that involved one of my very favourite past times.

I headed in to Noise Music and acquired an old traded in drum kit that I modified into a practice kit for myself (see pic of original project).  Quite happy with the end result, I gave it away and set out to find another one.  As I took on more projects, my confidence grew and I found myself getting more and more adventurous in my attempts.  A joint effort between myself and Noise managed to find some manufacturers shells on Ebay that were used for displaying available finishes.  As such, they were not drilled and were in the perfect condition to be used for whatever we wanted.  So I took them to see a good friend of mine that has a huge industrial saw, and he cut them up into various depths for me so they could be made into snare drums (various snare photos).

Having enjoyed some success with some snare drums, I set out to renovate and restore a Premier Artist Birch kit I also managed to acquire from Noise Music after another great mate of mine had finished using it as a teaching kit (See pic LTTN Kit).  Once finished with that one, it went to Life To The Nations, a church in Melbourne lead by more good friends, Matt and Elodie Doty.

Something I have always wanted to do though, was to restore an old vintage kit…enter the Star (See Star pic).  Star drums were around in the sixties and later became known as Tama.  The particular kit I managed to secure was from about 1964.  It was a bit of a mess, but nothing my newly learned skills and quickly growing confidence weren’t willing to have a crack at.  So I stripped the drums back to bare shells, sanded the old stringy wood to a super fine finish, re-cut and hand sanded the bearing edges and re-wrapped them in a lovely finish from  All the hardware was cleaned , polished and replaced and finally some lovely Fiberskyn heads were fitted to finish it off “old school” (see pic of restored Star kit).

A number of kits have been refurbished since.  Some added to my personal collection, some sold and one or two given away.

All of this to say, that recently on my holidays I was quite keen to rip into another project and dug up enough parts to bring this little beauty to life (see pic of holiday snare).

Not bad for a couple of days R & R I have to say…sounds great too!

This is definitely a hobby I intend to maintain, firstly because it is the first one I have ever had that has actually put any dollars back in my pocket and secondly because I thoroughly enjoy it…both the process and the end result.  I get such a sense of satisfaction every time I finish every part of the process, acquire a new skill and particularly when it is all finished and I get to hear it.  What a way to spend the odd day off…at least until I get a new murdercycle anyway!

I may post some pics of some more projects another time, but enjoy this gallery for now.

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