At Extreme Life, we call our Sunday meetings “Celebrations”.  The reason behind this is that we come together to celebrate the amazing reality of our position in Christ and all that flows from that.  The gospel of the Bible is all about Jesus Christ and what He has made available for all mankind.  There are no exclusion clauses for those who have sinned extra badly or are from poorer families or have a particular type of sickness or any other issue.

The Bible makes it clear that the true gospel is all inclusive yet totally exclusive.  This means that redemption is available to every single person on this great planet…but only through the forgiveness made available by Jesus Christ.  If we are pinning our hopes on anything other than Him, then we have some tough days ahead.  We are currently working through a series from Paul’s letter to the Colossians, which addresses many false religious ideas and notions.  The Colossian church had adopted a syncretism of Greek philosophy, Eastern philosophy, Jewish legalism, pagan astrology, mysticism, asceticism and whatever else they could possibly wedge in there.  They were trusting in the stars, the observance of holy days and religious festivals and listening to the advice of some straight out weird people.  They weren’t denying Jesus Christ, but they were clearly diminishing Him in the adopting of other idols.  Practices that are still evident in the modern church today!  Paul’s advice to them was to disregard all the man made religious rubbish and rely totally on Jesus Christ and the word of God.  Then to live a life that was reflective of His life.  To love the way He loved, to worship and pray and serve the way He did.  When we bring our Christianity back to this level, it is very easy to come to one of our Sunday celebrations and actually celebrate.

We should be the happiest people alive, because our hope is set 100% in the life of some one else…Jesus Christ!  Yet week after week, we see some people come in looking tired and grumpy and we are forced to brace ourselves as the barrage of negativity is about to attack.  To make it even more confusing, often the same people can be seen in other contexts during the week, seemingly perfectly happy and loving life….work that one out!  Life does not always hand us the best possible set of circumstances…that’s just a fact.  Our kids will get sick from time to time, our budgets will be tight at times, our cars and household appliances may even break down all at once and need replacing…all of which I have had to face personally in the last few months…yet the truth remains that both my eternity and my current position within the family of God remain completely unaffected by such things.  These are not secure because of my circumstances but because of my belief in and acceptance of what Jesus Christ has made available to me.

He has also made it completely available to you…have you believed and received?  If you have, please feel free to come and celebrate this amazing reality with us on Sunday…with your party attitude, not your religious disposition.  And if you haven’t, feel free to drop in and investigate…but leave your cynical, judgemental attitude somewhere else because we are there to PARTY and no one takes their grumpy head to a party.  We come together to celebrate and to experience LIFE!

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